Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air

Found by Paul Shambroom floating over I-94 in St. Paul, MN

Heart at Work

But Wait! There's More! Phillip and Audrey in San Francisco sent me this link to their Heart-work: They create heart-shaped areas of moss growing on cement, rusted metal, earth and wood, in surprising places such as missile sites and rifle ranges.

See the portfolio of images at:

My Funny Valentine

This little one greeted me on the walking path for a few days, then she was gone.

Old, Cold, Folded, In Her Elegance

In the spring, she will relax into her place and nourish the new ones coming.

Soft Reminder

Asphalt Heart

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Driving back from my Auntie's funeral in Nebraska, my mom and I stopped for a "memorial lunch" at Wendy's where her sister used to enjoy Chicken Nuggets and Baked Potato for lunch every Sunday. So of course, we ordered Chicken Nuggets and Baked Potato. Once we sat down, I reminisced about one of the ceremonial traditions my ojibwe friends observe by preparing a feast, and before anyone eats, a small portion of the food is placed in a small birchbark dish, and place in the fire, with a prayer. That food is sent up to sustain the person making her journey home. When everyone then eats, we are eating for that person. Then I reached for a chicken nugget and this is what I pulled out of the box. Hwaa! mii gwech! Spirit is playful, love never ends, and I can still hear Evadne laughing.